Don Mitchell Photography

My first professional camera was a Nikon F. That's right, a plain old F. Not a battery in sight. I still have that body. At the end of my film career, I was shooting a Nikon F5. Back in the 60s I had a Hasselblad (1000-F, a model that lives in infamy, for its failure-prone shutter.).


I began working with DSLRs with the Nikon D200, then the D300, then the D800, and currently I'm shooting with the D810. My lens holdings include the 14-24 f/2.8, the 70-200 f/2.8, the 105 f/2.8 macro, the new 300 f/4, an older 85 f/1.4, and the 28-300 for when I want to carry only one lens, and the 200-500 zoom. I also use the TC20 doubler.


I occasionally use a Sony RX100 Mk 2, when I need something that fits in my pocket. And sometimes I need a ladder.


I process with Adobe Lightroom CC (occasionally with DxO Optics Pro), and Photoshop CC when required.